Power of Presence Marketing

Who We Are

Power of Presence Marketing’s owners and staff are based in the United States of America, so you will never have a problem with communication and professionalism. We stand for the flag, and kneel for God alone.

Power of Presence Marketing’s leaders come from a varied set of backgrounds in Political Science, Journalism, Ministry, and Construction Management. Quite the mix you might say.

Yes, but you would also say this is our “secret sauce.” Such a broad experiential set of philosophies and approaches provides us with the innate ability, even a proclivity, to not only think, but operate, outside the proverbial box.

Experience Is Powerful

Power of Presence Marketing is built on a multi-faceted foundation. With our experience derived from operating several businesses for three decades we understand the pressures of having to meet budgets, while at the same time constantly needing to expand our customer base.

All the skill and knowledge of how to reach audiences converge to make for one powerhouse of marketing. We decided to call ourselves Power of Presence Marketing because in this digital age if you do not have a presence in the virtual world potential customers are blind to your existence. Your business needs the Power of Presence to compete in this digitally based marketplace.

The Holistic Approach to Sales and Marketing

The Why
The Holistic Approach to Sales and Marketing

Power of Presence Marketing is not your flash in the pan type of agency trying to sell you on what is supposedly the latest and greatest idea as to how to improve your placement in online searches.

We utilize tested and proven foundational approaches to keep your sites ranking high in search engines. We refer to this as the Holistic Approach to search engine optimization. Over the years there have been many “tricks” to get your web site to rank, but the programers at Google are rather intelligent, and have closed most of those little holes in the system. What has always worked, and Google has always stated that it is the primary thing they look for when deciding what to present to their search customers is content. After content comes interactivity on the web, which is best accomplished on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

At Power of Presence Marketing we have always utilized content as the main method of ranking highly in search engines. And it has always worked. There are other mechanical methodologies which are important. Google, and the other search engines, give preference to sites which are constructed properly. Google does not want to disappoint their search customers with sites that do not work. They want sites that work on all the various devices, so they push these properly built sites to the top of the search results list.

Some of the Services Provided by Power of Presence Marketing Include:

  • Sales Consulting – Unlocking current potential, and developing new strategies
  • Book Publishing – The ultimate calling card, establishing your company as an authority in your market
  • Web-based Marketing – A holistic approach to making your company an Internet sensation
  • Offline Marketing – Where most commerce is actually carried out, face to face
  • LinkedIn Training, and Consultation – The superhighway for business professionals to network, and increase sales.
  • Media Authority Direct – The most efficient method to be nationally recognized by ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX – guaranteed
  • Social Media Marketing – Got Friends?  Find and cultivate your client base where they live — online
  • eCommerce Development – Sell your products online

Contact Power of Presence Marketing today to find out how we can help grow your business.