Consulting Services

Increase Your Sales

More sales.  That is it in a nutshell, the primary thing
every business owner dreams of — increased sales figures. 

Yet, the majority of companies constantly struggle to even match their last year’s sales numbers, much less achieving any gains.  Right now, real buyers are looking to purchase products and services just like yours.  Your business provides exactly what these potential customers are looking for, but do you have everything in place to convert these prospects into customers?  Is your sales pitch putting the chill on these hot buyers?  By asking the right questions Power of Presence Marketing’s Sales and Marketing Consulting Service can help you increase your sales by asking the right questions, and working with you to improve your sales funnel.

We need to put your irresistible offer in front of these  buyers so they will choose you to to buy from.  Simple, right?  Not so, if it were you would not be spending the time to read this right now.  Let’s cut to the chase, businesses need more and inventive ways to entice buyers, and to increase their gross sales.  If you are the owner, or representative, of such a company, then please continue reading because Power of Presence Marketing’s Consulting Services can help you get to where you want to be. 

I know we all call this “marketing,” but that is difficult to put your finger on.  How much marketing does it take to achieve any given result?  How do you quantify the effectiveness of marketing, as a thing?  What you, and every other business owner wants is not marketing, you want sales, now that is something you can quantify all day long.  At Power of Presence Marketing we focus on helping our clients to make sales,  We do not just offer some back-room SEO hacks performing mystical tasks.  If it were really just that simple everyone’s job would be so much easier. 

You want sales, and that is what we deliver, more sales.

Typically, during our first discussion, our clients find out that they are sitting on a mound of available sales right now, they just did not recognize it.  It is not unusual for immediate cash flow to be turned on.  It is like opening a spigot, and letting the water flow out, it was there all the time, but the handle just had to be turned.

Your business should anticipate an initial influx of revenue soon after we begin working together.  But the job is not done yet.  Right away we begin to analyze your business to determine opportunities already existing that you are able to maximize.  Then we take a look at: your sales funnels, how you handle back-end sales, new ideas for marketing your product or service, establishing your company as an authority in your market, integrating technology into your business, cultivating your community, all these things and more.

With our holistic approach to selling your product or service you will not have to worry about “Penguins,” “Panda’s,” or whatever other animals Google may find to throw at us.  Taking care to give proper attention to all the geeky stuff, when our methods are implemented Google, and the other search engines, will love your websites.  But that is only part of what Power of Presence Marketing does, in fact, in the overall scheme of things, it is the lesser of our tasks.  Much of what we do will apply to the offline aspects of a business as much as the online; we marry the two to make your company a powerhouse of sales.

Yes, Power of Presence Marketing does all the Internet marketing things your business needs, but we find that if we consider the whole of your operation we are able to quite often increase sales by more than 100%.  Who would not want that?

The Power of Presence Marketing Consulting Service provides actionable intelligence to help your company compete, and excel, in the digital space, and offline. The qualified Power of Presence Marketing Team Members dedicate time and resources to analyze your present position, then they bring forth workable solutions tailored specifically for your company, and your target market, enabling growth of customer base, satisfaction, and conversion.

Some core services of our Consulting Service:  

  • Assessment of overall goals verses present direction
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Tactical and Strategic Sales and Marketing Campaign Development
  • Book Publishing to Provide the Ultimate Calling Card
  • Web Site Audits
  • Analytical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audits
  • Video Production
  • Social Engagement Audit and Implementation
  • Reputation Assessment and Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Sales Funnel Creation
  • Site Usability Audits
  • Online and Offline Marketing Strategy
  • Testing, Testing, and More Testing
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Marketing Channel Auditing
  • ROI Centric PPC Marketing Campaign Development
  • Local Search Integration
  • Mobile Device Marketing Campaign Creation
  • Custom Research and Analysis
  • Re-inclusion Services

What your business requires from our storehouse of services will vary from the guy next door, we will tailor a plan for you, allowing you to select what you feel is valuable to you.

More of the same is not what what is going to increase your sales, call today to talk to one of the Power of Presence Marketing Consulting Team Members to discover how  we can tailor a program to help grow your business. Call now 877-336-0549, or use our contact form to arrange for someone to contact you.